About us

Welcome in Fugitives Games

We are an emerging portfolio of entertainment for you!

My idea of ​​founding Escape Games was based on the fact that I like to have fun for myself, I like to learn new things, I like to cooperate with other people and the whole idea of ​​escape games as creating new worlds, even if it only impresses me in a few rooms.

Besides, just as I like to have fun, I also like to entertain others. In the last few years, I have occasionally devoted myself to so-called pub quizzes or "Riskuj" for acquaintances rather than the general public. Despite this, I gained a lot of experience over time and the interactivity of the tests I created, especially focused on filmmaking, confirmed me that I can create an entertaining medium that appeals to an audience that wants to have fun and compete at the same time.

Building an Escape Game is for me another level in the field of preparation of experiences and entertainment for you who want to leave the reality of everyday life for a while and have fun with friends, family and acquaintances. Today, there are many Escape Games, most in Prague, of course, which have very different levels of fun and sophistication. Some are absolutely magnificent and others the exact opposite. Honestly, I could not open the Escape Game, which I would not be convinced is not sufficiently "spoiled" and ready to give a great experience to the participants who will pay for it. I hope I have come up with a concept that will appeal to visitors, they will like it and others will follow.

Have a nice game