Here you can check out the Prologue of the game Planet Escape. Enjoy it!


The year is 2013, when the Earth is doing well, and the only danger lies with George Clooney, who is flying over the planet in his spacesuit.

Despite all the warnings, we were constantly improving artificial intelligence, and in 2089 the inevitable occurred. World War III against machines. People have won!

Another catastrophic event,  was soon approaching, and the year 2164 was the first year when the Earth stand in the face of aliens. Unfortunately for Earth, it was not a kind meeting. The aliens wanted to enslave us under the pretext of false gods, and the Fourth World War ensued. Tough humanity won after almost 30 years of war! But it was Pyrrhic victory.

Although the Earth gained its sovereignty, the price for victory was very high! Since 2194, all the necessary supplies for life, as we know it, have been running low. World Wars reduced humanity to just 2.5 billion people.

Humanity is failing to start planting new agricultural land on a devastated planet, and industry is fading for a long time and living standards are deepening. Obviously, we will be forced to leave our planet, but our existing spacecraft cannot travel in space for a long time. In 2269, however, an event will occur that will give hope to humanity. The space smuggler Malcom is wrecked on our planet. After saving his life, he told us the story of Unobtanium.

This crystalline substance is used as a propellant for travel between galaxies. He told us that we could extract this substance on the planet Unbion 5. This planet is only 4 years away with the existing engines of our spaceships.

In 2284, the Supercharge Mission begins!

Are you ready to finish this story?